This project has funded with support from the European Commission . This publication (communication) reflects the views only of the author , and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein. Project Activities Project Monitoring Click thumbnail to enlarge The quality control started from the first day of the project in all EG partners. The project  coordinator, the dean and the vice dean of each college in all  EG universities act as internal quality  control and monitoring the progress and results of all project activities. Also the implementation of  the new master program to EG students. The contact person in cooperation with the dean of EG partners selected a management group. This  group reviewed together and discussed the content of all produced monitoring reports and obtained  results in regular review meeting which held every three months.  The management group also reviewed all performed activities and solved the problems engaged and  all steps that can be followed to solve this problems.  All the previous reports that exist from the universities consortium sent to the universities  management team and project coordinator with a clear set of suggestions of change and  improvements. Also final monitoring report will be prepared at the end to be presented by project  coordinator at the project international conference. It is known that EU universities have well established quality assurance system, the Egyptian  ministry of higher education is following now the same system to be established in each EG  university. So, the EU University with their experts in this area will help EG universities to ensure the  quality and standard of implementation the new JM-Biotech degree to meet all their academic and  administrative activities.  The project coordinator will arrange site visits to all EG partner universities each six month for  monitoring the activities that done in each university and writing a report.  The project coordinator will travel to all the consortium universities to follow up different activities  especially for M.S implementation and held a meeting with the students and faculty staff to discuss  with them any existing problem.