TEMPUS is an EU-funded programme that fosters higher education between EU member states and partner countries through the establishment of a “consortium” that implements joint European projects(JEPs).

Our JMBiotech program creates new great opportunities for cooperation between  European universities and instutions .

Our project consortium consists of 7 Egyptian universities and 6 EU universities leaded by fayoum university to create  a master’s degree in Biotechnology which include three different programs in Agri-science , Environment and pharmacy.

Why Biotechnology?

Biotechnology addresses the technical application of biological system and living organism as well as their metabolic products .

Knowledge of molecular chemical and biological processes allow for the development and improvement of products and processes used in agriculture, environmental protection, food production , and particularly pharmacology and medicine .

About our new master program( JMBiotech)

According to the signed agreement between fayoum university and European union , a consortium including 6 European universities and 7 Egyptian  universities leaded by fayoum university all devoted to  establish a 2 years joint master’s degree in Biotechnology ( JMBiotech).

The 6 European universities that cooperate to put up master’s degree in Biotechnology are :

consiglio Nazioal Delle Ricerche, Ipp Uos Bari (Italy),Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research –BAS(Bulgaria) .Medical University of Vienna (Austria),  University De Barcelona (Spian),Oldenburg University (Germany), University of natural resources & life science-BOKU(Austria).

The Egyptian universities are:

fayoum University, Aswan University, Zagazig University , MUST University, Minia  University, Sinai University, and Benha University. The consortium has many professors and experts specialized in setting up multi-disciplinary study programme that can dedicate to the development in the Biotechnology programs to be applied in EG universities.

Biotech available programs:

1-Agri-science program.

2-Environmental program.

 3-Pharmacology program.

Where you apply :

Center of Biotechnology and office of graduate study in each EG partner.

When you apply :

In August and January of each year.

When classes start :

In September for the first semester and February for the second semester .