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Developing a joint master degree in Biotechnology applied to agri- science,  environment and pharmacology with new developed curriculum,  Biotechnology   labs and a new teaching methods. The new degree will be applied in 7 EG  universities all over Egypt. The new degree will target EG graduates based on  new vision and quantitative analysis of labor market needs for graduates with  special skills in new modern techniques in Biotechnology for developing  Egyptian industry and economy. We will reach our specific goals through update  8 courses and developed 12 once, developing Biotechnology labs in EG partners,  academic staff training on new teaching methods.  Each EG partner will establish Biotechnology centre for project dissemination  in Egypt and regional countries. Final consortium conference will be held in  Egypt to announce project activities and progress, a gathering day will be  organized for networking between EG public and private Universities,  industrial sector and all EU partners for project sustainability.  The Minister of Higher Education has Approved the Master degree for the three Programs (agriculture - environment - pharmacy) Information Day Activity The Third International Meeting applying the new master degree  in biotechnology Project Workshop for Dissemination and Sustainability through and after the End of the Project Celebrating the first group of students applied for the master program Project Monitoring Registration of the Master Will Start annually in August